Who we are

Plexitaly is design lightness, brand of a product that perfectly embodies the concept of made initaly.

P.comes from more than 20 years old experience of architect Ivano Erba,wich after long research and selections is able to give a wide rage of furniture articles and daily objects from informatics to oenology.
Plexiglass is a transparent, versatile and elegant material, wich can be easily adapted to any type of interior design and is absolutely suitable for all innumerable projects can come from.
We decided to change the meaning and the expression of Plexiglass industrial techonology and results of this change are fittings that show a perfect mix of technology,design and research.
Most of articles can be modified considering all customer needs and have all the articles custom-made.A large choice of finishes and colours increases the possibility of accomodation into the existing furnishing.
Our designers always offer brand new ideas and objects,selected from the market or purpose-made,that can be easily adapted to any type of style, such as home,office or shop.